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Tips to Store Produce To Keep It Fresh

One of the best ways to reduce your grocery bill is to learn how to store produce so it stays fresh. Cutting down on food waste is important in every household, and at Morrissey Market we have some tips to share to help you make your fresh produce delivery last even longer.
The number one thing we want you to do is refrigerate your produce as soon as possible once it arrives. While the ice packs and cold delivery van keep things chilled, unpacking your box into your refrigerator is the first step.

1. Humidity & Water

Store greens in a plastic bag with a paper towel. Greens like moisture, but not anything too wet. The paper towel helps keep the moisture level just right. 
Carrots, celery and radishes all loved to be stored immersed in water. Cut off any greens and keep these veggies stored in clean water. Swap it out every couple of days to keep them lasting even longer.

2. Some Produce Are Not Friends

Certain produce items like apples, bananas and potatoes all emit a gas that makes other fruits ripen too fast. Keep these items apart from other produce items.
However, one cool trick is to store some apples with your potatoes. The apples help prevent the potatoes from sprouting eyes. So cool, right?!

3. Put More in the Fridge

Nearly everything will last longer in the fridge. All of the produce at Morrissey Market travels from farm to table in cold trucks, which ensures a higher quality product. Produce is not meant to sit out at room temperature, as you see in a typical grocery store. 
Instead, fill up your fridge with your fresh produce delivery. Leave the bananas and tomatoes at room temperature,  but everything else will last longer when stored cold. Some items like grapes like the coldest part of your fridge, which is often the top or middle of the refrigerator.

4. Airtight vs. Breathing Room

Some produce items will stay fresh longer in airtight containers, whereas others like some breathing room. Green beans are one that like to be in airtight storage, and broccoli is happy to stay in a bag. 
One key thing to remember is that if you do some meal prep and cut your produce, it will keep longer in an airtight container. Think chopped melon, cucumbers, or red peppers. 

5. Know What to Use First

Also try to use more delicate produce and fruit items first, like herbs, berries, greens and cucumbers. Root vegetables, squash, potatoes, broccoli and apples can all be stored longer in a refrigerator.
You can trust your produce order from Morrissey Market will be delivered to you at peak freshness. We have the highest quality standards for home grocery delivery. Farm-fresh and family-first. Shop here for the freshest produce delivery in Greater Boston.