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The Quality & Care of Maine Family Farms - Morrissey Market-Food is Medicine Fulfillment

The Quality & Care of Maine Family Farms

Our customers at Morrissey Market care about where their food comes from, which is why one of our most important partners is Maine Family Farms. Its commitment to quality and safety is exceptional and we thought you should know a little more about them.
You may not have heard of Maine Family Farms before, but this co-op in Maine is a family-run business bringing you locally-raised and processed beef, chicken, pork, cage-free eggs, and more. Its meat is grass-fed and grain-finished with non-GMO corn. Our partnership with Maine Family Farms lets us deliver to you both locally-raised and locally processed-meat, which is not the case with many “local” meat vendors in our market. 
Owned by Maria and Tom Masselli, they have over 30 years in the food industry. They saw the value of locally raised meat and produce increase and were quick to position Maine Family Farms as the leading resource, with now the largest USDA facility in Maine. They have partnered with the Herring Brothers in Guilford, Maine which is a fourth-generation meat processing facility. Sounds a lot like Katsiroubas Bros with four generations of family history and expertise in the produce business.
You can taste the difference with Maine Family Farms meats. We have had so many customers comment on how much better the chicken breast and ground beef taste. That comes from both the quality of the 100+ farms that Maine Family Farms connects with and its commitment to raising Certified Humane animals, with multiple animal welfare-approved certifications. 
Maine Family Farms has the top level of all food safety and inspections, and the animals are raised in an herbicide-free pasture without pesticides. All the animals must have continued access to pastures during their life, which also helps create a more nutritious meal on your table. 
We know Maine Family Farms’ chicken breast is a customer-favorite product based on the numbers we see each week. We’ve recently added pork tenderloin and we will have specialty items for the holidays this season. You can trust Morrissey Market to deliver your favorite grocery items every week in the Greater Boston area.