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The Back to School Lunchbox Collection - Morrissey Market-Food is Medicine Fulfillment

The Back to School Lunchbox Collection

Introducing the Back to School Lunchbox Collection

We are simplifying your back to school shopping this season, at least when it comes to your groceries.

Announcing our newest curated boxes, the Rainbow Lunchbox and the Lunchbox Love collection. Both of these can help you win back some time in the morning. We created a collection of some of our favorite healthy lunch and snack foods, tested by our own kids in the kitchen. Fair warning, the banana “sushi” disappeared awfully fast after we took the photos!

The best part of these collections is how they reduce the decision fatigue around the question of “what to pack” each day. You can simply grab the collection and you’ll have multiple lunches covered for the week ahead.

And it’s not just for kids. Plenty of adults enjoyed the makings of these lunches too.

It’s a busy season with sports starting too. These sandwiches make a great no-cook dinner for your student athletes before they head out to the field at night.

Add both boxes to your next Morrissey Market order and check back to school lunches off your to do list for the week.

Banana Sushi Recipe



Peel your banana and set aside.
Lay tortilla flat, spread peanut butter on one side. Drizzle with the honey.
Add the banana to the first third of the tortilla.
Roll up the tortilla tightly around the banana. Slice into 2″ bites, package it up and enjoy!
Additional options: sprinkle some chia seeds in the tortilla before wrapping it for added protein. 

Rainbow Veggie Recipe



Lay tortilla flat, spread hummus on one side. 
Layer the veggies in rows. 
Roll up the tortilla tightly.
Slice into 2″ bites, or halve in the middle, package it up and enjoy!
Additional options: add in some purple cabbage or baby spinach for more color. You can also try it with cream cheese instead of hummus to mix it up.