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Tastemakers Club Pasta Primavera Recipe

Pasta primavera is a simple, fresh summer recipe that celebrates the best of the harvest season. With the ingredients in your September Tastemaker Club Box, you have everything you need to make a delicious meal. Our version is even more delicious with the Sweet Basil Pesto sauce. Primavera means “spring” in many languages. However, it’s really all about the fresh vegetables that are used in a primavera recipe. There are spring versions with asparagus and peas, or our summer version with zucchini, summer squash, and tomatoes. It’s an easy recipe to master. Cook the pasta, sauté the veggies, and pull it all together with some olive oil, parmesan cheese, or pesto. Plus, you have everything you need in your September Tastemakers Club Box.  Here’s what we included in the box: 
  • Creste de Gallo Boston Pasta – our favorite quick cooking pasta is ready in two minutes and is a family favorite
  • Sweet Basil’s Pesto – a delicious sauce for your pasta, or save it for some fresh bread
  • Wards Berry Farm Yellow Squash and Zucchini – use one or both for this recipe
  • Wards Berry Farm Cherry Tomatoes – extra delicious while in season
  • Sartori SarVecchio Parmesan Cheese – use this if you skip the pesto, or top it all with some freshly grated cheese
Boil pasta water in a large pot.
Slice the zucchini and summer squash lengthwise, then cut again lengthwise. Slice squash into quarters. Halve the cherry tomatoes.
Sauté the squash in a large skillet for 5-7 minutes with a drizzle of olive oil. Add the cherry tomatoes in for two minutes at the end.
Boil the pasta for two minutes. Strain and add to the large skillet with the vegetables.
Mix well with the pesto, or use olive oil and parmesan cheese.
Serve warm.
Store leftovers in the refrigerator.
Add more protein to your meal with some grilled chicken thighs.
Note: we made this recipe with one box of pasta. Add the second box if you are feeding a crowd or want more leftovers.