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Specialty Produce Delivery in Greater Boston -

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Specialty Produce Delivery in Greater Boston

Looking to buy a certain specialty produce item for delivery that’s hard to find?

Frustrated with case counts and lack of customization?

Morrissey Market can help with both sourcing and delivery of all your produce needs.

Our Network

We draw on the produce from Katsiroubas Bros. Produce. As you may know, this fantastic 100+ year old family run company is known for longstanding relationships with farmers and local growers.

With these extensive vendor connections, we can help source specialty and local produce, unique varietals, and more. We deliver directly to you in our refrigerated vans, ensuring farm-fresh quality.

Check out our delivery area here. If you are outside of our zone please send us an email ( to inquire about a specialty drop-off option.

Who Needs Specialty Produce Delivery?

If you are a craft food maker, caterer, or bed and breakfast owner, we can help make sourcing quality food easier. With our extensive grocery delivery options for Greater Boston, we have optimized the grocery delivery experience for our customers.

While we are known for our specialty farm-fresh produce, we also have a full range of grocery items you can add to your special order.

How to Get It Delivered

Please send an email to with details about what you are looking to have delivered. 

Specialty Produce Delivery Morrissey Market Boston

Benefits of Buying in Bulk

Cost Savings

Purchasing in bulk often results in lower per-unit costs. Buying specialty produce in bulk allows you to save money compared to buying smaller quantities.


Buying in bulk means you'll have a larger supply of produce on hand, which can be more convenient if you use it regularly. You won't have to worry about running out of a particular item and making a special trip to the store.


Specialty produce is often sourced from small farms or local growers, and buying in bulk can mean getting the freshest produce available. You can also freeze or preserve the produce to use later, which can extend its shelf life.

Supporting Local Farmers

Buying specialty produce in bulk can help support local farmers and small businesses in New England. By purchasing directly from growers, you can help keep money within your local economy and support sustainable farming practices.

Reduced Packaging Waste

Buying in bulk can reduce the amount of packaging waste generated from individual portions. This can help you reduce your environmental footprint and minimize the amount of waste going to landfills.

Email with details about your specialty produce delivery request. We will respond to you within 24 hours during normal business days. 

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