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Food is Medicine Planning Tool -
Food is Medicine Planning Tool

FOOD AS MEDICINE Planning tool

Morrissey Rx has the infrastructure that allows the integration of food is medicine solutions with health care systems.


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The Morrissey Food is Medicine Planning Tool allows your team to create a custom food box program for your members. Our team will work with you to develop a medically tailored grocery box, or produce prescription program, that can be reimbursed via a health benefit plan or grant program. 

The planning tool provides a framework to guide our development process managing to the economics, scale, and reach of a food is medicine program. With our commitment to food safety, traceability and quality, your members will continue to opt in to this excellent customer experience and improve their health. 


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Morrissey Market works with a limited number of food as medicine partners to develop and scale their initiatives.

If you would like more information and see if you qualify, please click here to book a time to discuss our services.