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Are you ready to level up your perishable produce or grocery program?

Choosing a co-packer for produce and grocery programs can help your business scale and improve profitability. We provide the highest quality fruit and vegetables, plus have a full catalog of organic, gluten-free, and kosher options available. 

Co Packaging Perishables | Morrissey Market

Co-Packaging Perishables

Choosing a co-packer for perishables can help your business scale and improve profitability. We provide the highest quality fruit and vegetables, plus have a full catalog of organic, gluten-free, and kosher options available in dry goods. 

Food As Medicine Fulfillment | Morrissey Market

Food As Medicine Fulfillment

A key component of Food As Medicine programs is fresh, healthy produce to help mitigate development of chronic diseaseimprove quality of life and food accessibility.

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Specialty Produce Delivery

Morrissey Market can help with both sourcing and delivery of all your specialty and local produce, unique varietal needs, and more. We deliver directly to you in our refrigerated vans, ensuring farm-fresh quality.

MM New Services Page White Label

White Labeled On-Demand Fulfillment

Morrissey Market offers white-labeled on-demand product fulfillment services of grocery staples and perishable items. This can help reduce operational costs, improve efficiency, and enhance customer experience.


Ready to expand your produce and grocery program?

The team at Morrissey Market can help streamline your perishable programs to deliver or ship the freshest produce. Fresh food lays the groundwork for health and plays a critical role in disease prevention. Our food arrives with optimal shelf-life and maximum freshness.


✅ Community Grocery Programs

Morrissey Market creates custom grocery packages for a range of non profit community programs. This includes a mix of the freshest produce and a thoughtful selection of healthy grocery items. 

✅ Produce Prescription Fulfillment

We provide logistics support to local and national companies working to fulfill produce prescriptions and food as medicine programs. Morrissey Market can deliver and ship fresh produce and healthy groceries to individuals through Medicare Advantage programs and directly to consumers post-discharge. 

✅ Co-Packing Fresh Produce & Groceries

Working within a Boston-based SQF Level II certified facility, Morrissey Market has the flexibility to move fresh foods with the proper temperature zones throughout the packing and delivery process. With a comprehensive fresh supply chain supporting us, Morrissey Market can create custom perishable boxes for drop ship or local New England delivery.


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Morrissey Market works with a limited number of non-profits and food as medicine partners.

If you would like more information and see if you qualify, please enter your contact information in the form below or click here to book a time to discuss our services.

together we can make a difference

We are in the process of becoming a Certified B Corporation, which means we are using our business as a force for good.

By focusing on local purveyors, we help these smaller suppliers get their products out to the market. We deliver local goods directly to your home through our employees who are paid fairly. 

Our team, purveyors, and employees are treated exactly how we would like to be treated. We are committed to preventing food waste and providing food accessibility throughout our local community. 

Together, we can make a difference.