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Moving to MontShire Farms For Grass-Fed Local Meat Delivery -

Moving to MontShire Farms For Grass-Fed Local Meat Delivery

As Morrissey Market continues to expand, we are switching to a local, grass-fed meat supplier. One that can meet our increasing demand for grocery delivery.

We are excited to announce our new partnership with MontShire Farms, locally based in North Haverhill, New Hampshire.

Local Meat Delivery at Morrissey Market

At MontShire Farms, all meat sold is raised and processed in the twin states of New Hampshire and Vermont. This allows us to bring in more local, grass-fed meat for your grocery delivery needs. All through our partnership with MontShire Farms.

We’ll also be able to add in a wider variety of meat cuts, bones, roasts, and more throughout the year. 

MontShire Farms works directly with Boyden Farm to fulfill local grass-fed beef orders. This family-led farm in Vermont was established in 1914. They use sustainable and environmentally friendly practices for its meat production.

The meat is grass-fed and grain-finished, using flax which is full of Omega 3’s. You will see the majority of our new grass-fed local beef with the Boyden Farm labels.

Our pasture-raised pork items in your grocery delivery order will have the MontShire Farm label, and come to us via Harness Farms. 

MontShire Farms and Boyden Farm Local Meat Delivery Boston area

Health Benefits of Grass-fed Beef

Grass-fed beef is a type of beef that comes from cattle that have been raised on a diet of grass or other forages.

Local grass-fed beef can offer several health benefits compared to conventionally-raised beef that is fed a diet of grain.

  1. Lower in fat:
    Grass-fed cattle are generally leaner. They have a more active lifestyle and lower calorie intake. As a result, grass-fed beef being lower in total fat, saturated fat, and calories than grain-fed beef.

  2. Higher in beneficial nutrients:
    Grass-fed beef contains beneficial nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and antioxidants. These nutrients are linked to reduced inflammation, improved heart health, and other health benefits. Additionally, grass-fed beef typically has higher levels of these nutrients.

  3. Less likely to contain harmful additives:
    Local farmers and ranchers raise grass-fed beef without antibiotics or added hormones. Conventionally-raised beef often contains these harmful chemicals. By omitting their use, the likelihood of ingesting harmful chemicals and antibiotics is reduced when consuming grass-fed beef.

  4. More environmentally sustainable:
    Grass-fed beef production is typically more environmentally sustainable than conventional beef production. Grass-fed cattle are raised on pasture, resulting in a lower carbon footprint. In contrast, grain-fed cattle require more resources to produce, making it less sustainable.

  5. Supports local farmers:
    Choosing local grass-fed beef supports local farmers and ranchers in New England. This support helps to strengthen the local food system.

Overall A Healthy and Sustainable Choice

Overall, local grass-fed beef can be a healthy and sustainable choice that supports both your health and your community.

Check out our updated selection of beef and pork products from MontShire Farms. We are excited to partner with them for all of your grocery delivery needs. Send us an email if there is a certain item you want to see in your grocery delivery order at

Morrissey Market offers local grocery delivery in and around Greater Boston. Check out our delivery area map here.