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On-demand food item fulfillment

White Label On-Demand

Morrissey Market’s White-Labeled on-demand food item fulfillment

Morrissey Market’s is a game-changing tech company. Specifically, we offer white-labeled on-demand product fulfillment services.

Importantly, we handle grocery staples and perishable items for you.

We operate using a Backend as a Service (BaaS) platform. This platform is particularly ideal for local and regional food businesses, nonprofits, and food-as-medicine programs. They can use it to outsource fulfillment and delivery of groceries and produce items.

Interestingly, Morrissey Market’s BaaS platform offers numerous advantages in the realm of logistics and delivery.

For instance, nonprofits in the hunger-relief space can create custom grocery boxes with it. These boxes are then picked, packed, and conveniently delivered by Morrissey Market staff.

Jason Smith, Assistant Executive Director of the Waltham Boys and Girls Club, uses our service monthly. Using grants from Metrowest Foundation, he coordinates grocery box fulfillment and delivery from Morrissey Market.

Assistant Executive Director Smith sees it as a way to provide families with nourishing, valuable food. 

He emphasizes, “This is an opportunity for us to feed families proper nourishment, with great food value, which is something we need in this community.”

Morrissey Market and Waltham Boys and Girls Club Grocery food fulfillment partnership is made possible by the MetroWest Foundation. | White Label

Morrissey Market and Waltham Boys and Girls Club Grocery food fulfillment partnership is made possible by the MetroWest Foundation

Morrissey Market food logistics fulfillment

At Morrissey Market, we effectively utilize technology to simplify and streamline food service fulfillment.

Notably, this strategic approach can help in reducing operational costs. Additionally, it improves efficiency and greatly enhances the customer experience.

With us on your side, rest assured, the quality and timeliness of your perishable goods will always be a top priority. In essence, with Morrissey Market, you’ll never have any concerns about your perishable items.

Morrissey Market uses technology to make food service fulfillment easier and more efficient. 

Morrissey Market Food Safety Expertise

Food fulfillment logistics are complex and constantly changing.

It requires an expert guide to navigate it.

At Morrissey Market, our team has this expertise. We have food distribution experience to ensure quality and competitive pricing. We provide proactive solutions for food service issues.

Food service challenges are essential for ensuring food safety and quality.

That’s where we come in.

Morrissey Market fulfillment warehouse

Where we come in:

  • Ensuring food safety

    To prevent contamination of food products, it’s absolutely vital that packaging materials are of high quality. Furthermore, these materials must meet a certain required standard, thereby ensuring that they do not inadvertently contaminate the food products.

  • Maintaining product integrity 

    Food products can indeed be delicate and often fragile. Therefore, they necessitate careful handling to avoid any damage during the packaging process. This particular process requires the use of appropriate packaging materials and techniques. Essentially, these techniques aim to protect the food from physical harm and potential exposure. Unwanted exposure to elements like air, moisture, or light can be detrimental to the food. Consequently, this could have a negative impact on both its quality and shelf life.

  • Meeting regulatory requirements 

    Food storage logistics is subject to various regulations and standards. These cover food safety, labeling, and packaging materials. Morrissey Market operates in an FDA-certified warehouse. This ensures that the highest level of safety is maintained.

  • Managing inventory

    Managing inventory is part of food warehouse logistics. Primarily, it’s about ensuring there’s an adequate supply of stock and packaging to fulfill demand. To add to this, Morrissey Market, as a prospective B Corp, sets its sights on minimizing waste. Additionally, they are focused on cutting down storage costs.

  • Transporting food products 

    Delivering food products can indeed pose a challenge. Particularly, it’s crucial to maintain the product’s integrity and temperature. To achieve this, the appropriate packaging and transport methods are essential. Additionally, having a team of trained staff is vital. They fully comprehend the importance of handling and transporting food with utmost care. Notably, Morrissey Market employs a refrigerated van specifically for local deliveries. Furthermore, they have the capacity to ship from their Boston-based warehouse.

Upgrade Your Food Packing & Delivery Logistics

Morrissey Market works with a limited number of back end partners.

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