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Morrissey Market's Lesson On In-Season Produce - Morrissey Market-Food is Medicine Fulfillment

Morrissey Market’s Lesson On In-Season Produce

We want our Morrissey Market customers to better understand how the quality of produce changes with the seasons. You come to us for local favorites in fall like butternut squash, green leafy kale, and apples. What you don’t see is the story behind the scenes of how we decide when a produce item is ready for market.


Just because we can get a certain fruit or vegetable at any time of year, it doesn’t mean we want to offer it to our Morrissey Market family. Take pomegranates for instance.


September is the start of the season for one of our favorite winter fruits. However, once our Katsiroubas buyer was able to review the first run of pomegranates, we decided to wait to offer it via Morrissey Market.


We know you have come to trust our product picks each week. Our team carefully selects the best produce to go into your grocery box. The pomegranates are an example of an item that doesn’t meet our expectations this early in the season.


As the buyer said, “don’t buy the first run of the season and the last run of the season.” You can take this lesson to heart when it comes to shopping for local produce in our area. We have four true seasons and by updating your meal plan to incorporate more seasonally appropriate produce, you are guaranteed a tastier and more nutritious product.


At Morrissey Market, we do the hard work for you of determining what’s at peak freshness. We will wait the extra couple of weeks to bring you an in-season item that meets our taste and freshness values. We won’t let you buy immature fruit like the current pomegranates that are available at other markets this month.


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