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Morrissey Market is a Pending B Corp -

Morrissey Market is a Pending B Corp

Morrissey Market is a Pending B Corp and on its way to full certification by the B Lab. This reflects our commitment to our employees, vendor partners and hunger-relief efforts in our community.

What Responsible, Sustainable Business Looks Like to Us

As a farm-fresh, family-first home grocery delivery company, we are committed to responsible and sustainable practices for our company and our customers. This means that we are sourcing our produce, meat, fish, dairy and more from local partners when possible. 
Our localized approach lets us reduce our transportation needs, thus reducing emissions and costs. We are also able to leverage the purchasing power of being part of a restaurant distributor model, via our parent company Katsiroubas Bros
Morrissey Market also fully employs our packing staff, delivery drivers and additional team members that help bring your orders to your doorstep. This is a very different model than most online grocery options in the market. 

What is a B Corp?

All companies looking to become a Certified B Corporation must meet a minimum score of 80 on the B Impact Assessment to prove their commitment to positive social and environmental performance. 
B Corps need to meet specific performance requirements related to their business characteristics in the following categories. 
*Graphic provided by B Corp

What's Next for Morrissey Market?

Our goal is to continue our growth into new communities and keep our current customers delighted with our grocery assortment. We will bring unique, local products to market from small businesses through our collaboration with Commonwealth Kitchen in Boston
Our procurement team continues to source the highest quality produce in the market. We get it to your table in the fastest method possible with the least amount of handling, giving our customers fresher food with more flavor.  
If you live in the Greater Boston area, shop with Morrissey Market and experience the new definition of quality when it comes to online groceries. Shop now for free, next-day delivery Tuesday-Friday each week. 


Morrissey Market works with a limited number of non-profits and food as medicine partners.

If you would like more information and see if you qualify, please enter your contact information in the form below or click here to book a time to discuss our services.