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Meet Our Team -

Meet The Team


Brad McNamara

CEO & Founder

With over 10 years in the food system and production industry, it is unsurprising that Brad wanted to bring the convenience of a web powerhouse company to a neighborhood grocery. His previous company, Freight Farms, was focused on opportunities for people to grow food anywhere. Now his technology is the piece of the puzzle that keeps Morrissey Market running. With this experience and network he has built, he is able to influence the food system and the products available to consumers through Morrissey Market. Brad has a true passion for the story when it comes to the food we are eating. For Brad, the food is who we areand how and where it was grown matters.  Brad lives with his family in Milton, MA.

Torry Katsiroubas Stamm

COO & Founder

Not only is Torry Katsiroubas Stamm a fourth-generation business owner of Katsiroubas Brothers and a co-founder of Morrissey Market, she is also a hardworking mom always looking for the best products to bring to the table for her entire family. While her decades of experience in the food service industry has equipped her with endless knowledge, what Torry really brings to the table is the understanding of what is most important to those shopping today. She knows firsthand the importance of knowing where your food comes from, how it got to you, and if the cold chain was kept intact. Growing up, Torry and her family had access to restaurant quality food because of their business, Katsiroubas Brothers. However, she also knows that her experience was not the norm for most New Englanders. She wants to change that with Morrissey Market, and is committed to providing the utmost care and quality assurance for every Morrissey Market order. Because food is so personal and something that brings people together, Torry and Morrissey Market want the whole chain to be filled with community and lovefrom the farmer to Morrissey Market to the family at the table. Torry lives with her family in Needham, MA.

Tomas Garcia

General Manager

When it comes to securing the best, healthiest and freshest products offered at Morrissey Market, Tomas is the engine making that happen. Having grown-up in the kitchen, attended culinary school, worked in a handful of restaurants and then moved onto purveyor roles, Tomas is well-versed and well-connected in the product procurement process. While his knowledge of freshness and processes make him an asset to the Morrissey Market team, what he really brings to the table is his passion. Tomas has a passion for bringing quality food to people’s homes. With all of his time spent in the food industry, he has strong relationships with local businesses, which allows Morrissey Market to be an avenue to introduce these great partners to customers. Tomas ensures that not only does every customer’s order have the freshest quality products possible, but also that it reaches their table quickly. With Tomas on board, Morrissey Market’s mission to deliver restaurant quality products to your home has become an exciting reality. 

Apolinaras "Apollo" Sinkevicius


Apollo Sinkevicius is an entrepreneur and career-long startupper. He has been fascinated with tech since before there was Excel. He fell in love with the craft of building things surrounded by brilliant people while he started his career as a talent agent in the entertainment industry. There he developed a troublemaker nerd reputation by using tech in an industry that feared technology. Soon, he ditched the industry and set off to build companies purely in tech. Apollo has started or was on super early teams of companies that made technologies to change the industries (future of work, video analytics, presence sensing, and much more). Prior to joining the team at Morrissey Market, Apollo was the Head of Operations at Pixability and co-founder of Robin.

Emily Roach

Director of Marketing

Emily Roach has always been inspired by the local food community. After a retail career in buying for both Talbots and May Company Department stores, she became a certified culinary nutrition expert and health coach. Emily was a founding board member of the Needham Farmers Market, and has taught cooking classes for corporations and private clients. As an active mom of three young kids, she takes a holistic but realistic approach to cooking and wellness. Her belief is that people can empower their bodies through healthful, thoughtful relationships with food. Emily believes in the Morrissey Market mission of making shopping for local groceries easy and enjoyable. If she’s not in the kitchen, you can find Emily on the tennis court or in her culinary garden in Needham, MA.

Josh Shirazi

Owner of Shirazi Distributing & Founder

Josh Shirazi is the co-owner of Shirazi Distributing, a business that distributes to restaurants, cafes and other small markets. Josh came together with fellow co-founder Ted Katsiroubas and started discussing the idea of Morrissey Market as just a “pipe dream,” that pipe dream became a reality when they realized they had the opportunity to leverage their relationships with current suppliers to get restaurant quality products directly to Boston-area homes. Like the Katsiroubas family, the Shirazi family has been in the food service and distribution industry for generations, making them extremely knowledgeable about the food chain process as well as the challenges that come with it. While the Katsiroubas family specialized in produce, the Shirazi family specialized in dairy, meats and dry snacks. Because of the knowledge, experience, relationships and expansion of products Josh brought to the table, fresh, quality products are able to be delivered to the doors of customers at an affordable price and in a timely manner. This is the foundation of what is now Morrissey Market.

Ted Katsiroubas

CEO of Katsiroubas Bros. & Founder

Ted Katsiroubas wanted to give people the opportunity to experience the freshest quality products when grocery shopping for their families. Growing up in the Katsiroubas family, Ted saw his father and grandfather operate a business focused on delivering the freshest quality ingredients to local restaurants, hospitals and other businesses. While he also had access to those quality products, he knew that was not the case for those shopping at local big box grocery stores. What started as a pipe dream turned into a reality after merging with his co-founder, Josh Shirazi of Shirazi Distributing. They were able to merge their expertise, relationships, and operations together to create a farm-to-door shopping experience for the everyday customer, while also helping to combat food insecurity by giving back to their local community. Together, they were able to bring Morrissey Market to life. Ted lives with his family in Newton, MA.