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Introducing Our New Organics Collection -

Introducing Our New Organics Collection

We are always listening to our customers’ requests and love your feedback. One of the most popular categories on our customer’s wish lists is more organic produce. We’re very happy to share the launch of our extended organics line!

Our Focus for Providing Clean Organic Produce

When it comes to providing clean produce, our focus is on the products that are currently on the “Dirty Dozen” list. According to the EWG Shoppers Guide that includes strawberries; spinach; kale, collard & mustard greens;  nectarines; apples; grapes; bell & hot peppers; cherries; peaches; pears; celery; and tomatoes. (See image).

What We Carry

We already carry organic berries and apples, and now you can find even more organic produce for delivery, including kale, cherry tomatoes, and red peppers.

organic produce

The In-Season Plan for Local Farm Fresh

When in season, we plan to bring in organic and/or local stone fruit. At Morrissey Market, we feel passionate about supporting our local farmers when they are ripe with harvest.

We’ll continue to offer farm-fresh produce from
Ward’s Berry Farm in Sharon. We expect to be adding some additional produce items from Tangerini’s Farm in Millis.

Top Quality Organic Produce

The organic fruit and vegetables we have available for grocery delivery are top quality when it comes to freshness and food safety. We can track every piece of produce back to the farm it was grown on. 

That helps us offer you peace of mind that you will get only the best possible produce delivery available.

Check out the new organics collection today!