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Introducing Clover Food Lab Meals - Morrissey Market-Food is Medicine Fulfillment

Introducing Clover Food Lab Meals

Morrissey Market is excited to start offering Clover Food Lab‘s vegetarian meal boxes for Tuesday and Wednesday grocery deliveries. Clover delivers meals to thousands of families in the Boston metro area and now we are excited to introduce you to these delicious meals. Get a meal box delivered to your home with chef-made recipes using seasonal ingredients from local New England farms.

Each meal box comes together in less than 15 minutes with all ingredients pre-prepped and ready to assemble into a delicious meal.

A new recipe will be offered every week and you can take a sneak peek at the calendar of recipes and get all the details in our post.

Tuesday will be Taco night, naturally. Expect to see heirloom beans grown in Massachusetts, two hearty fillings of which recent favorites included “ground beef” lentils and impossible chorizo, two fresh salsas (one mild, one a little spicy), local veggies and toppings, fresh herbs and a lime. Just warm and eat.

Warm up your week with Soup Wednesday. Chef Jason has a special place in his heart for hearty soups, no 120-calorie cans of flavorless liquid here. From kimchi stew to turnip cheddar soup, each box comes with one big soup, fun garnishes and a hearty side.

Clover Food Lab gets peak-season produce from western Massachusetts farms, makes it into taco fillings and creates a unique box every week.

We are excited to deliver these boxes along with the rest of your grocery needs to the Greater Boston area, from Burlington to Braintree, and Newton to Natick. Don’t forget to check out the upcoming January meal calendar below to see what is coming in the weeks ahead!

If you live in the Greater Boston area, shop with Morrissey Market and experience the new definition of quality when it comes to online groceries. Shop now for free, next-day delivery Tuesday-Friday each week.