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How Morrissey Market Supports A Produce Prescription Program -

How Morrissey Market Supports A Produce Prescription Program

Behind the scenes, Morrissey Market is doing more than just delivering local groceries. We are also actively involved in fulfilling the needs of local non-profits involved in produce prescription programs.

About Fresh and Morrissey Market Support

Morrissey Market has access to farm-fresh produce that fulfills the food as medicine prescription. Working with Boston-based About Fresh, we are able to help fulfill the community’s needs for healthy foods.

Fresh Connect is a technology-enabled food prescription program under the auspices of the nonprofit About Fresh. Morrissey Market’s co-founder and Katsiroubas Brother’s CEO Ted Katsiroubas, is on the board of About Fresh. Ted has been a longtime voice supporting creative solutions in the food equity space.

Healthcare organizations, such as providers, insurers, and community-based organizations, can partner with Fresh Connect. They can then prescribe Fresh Connect prepaid debit cards to eligible food-insecure patients.

Fresh Connect’s debit cards are for qualifying individuals and families. They are primarily funded by major healthcare institutions. These include institutions like Brigham Medicaid ACO and Brigham Women’s Faulkner Hospital, and Boston Medical Center.

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What is a Produce Prescription?

A produce prescription is a program that provides individuals with vouchers or coupons to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at local grocery stores and markets. 

It is designed to help people who don’t have much access to healthy food, allowing them to get more fresh produce. Specifically for those that are experiencing food insecurity or who have limited access to healthy foods. A produce prescription program provides the opportunity to increase their consumption of fresh produce.

The program typically involves healthcare providers, such as doctors or nurses, who prescribe fruits and vegetables to patients as part of their medical treatment plan. Patients then receive a voucher or coupon.  They can use it to purchase fresh produce at participating retailers.

Produce prescription programs have been shown to improve the health outcomes of participants. Improving and reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. These programs also support local farmers by increasing demand for locally grown produce and promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

Morrissey Market Fulfillment Support

Local non-profits have had their resources stretched in recent years. Morrissey Market has been able to help non-profits fulfill not only food as medicine programs but also pack groceries for hunger-relief organizations. We offer non-profit produce share boxes for Massachusetts food pantries with free delivery, making getting healthy food more accessible and affordable.

Our partnerships can help resolve the program of inconsistent donations, delivery issues, and the lack of fresh produce for food pantry beneficiaries.

For more information about Morrissey Market’s produce fulfillment program in the Greater Boston area, or to learn how to apply, please reach out to Morrissey Market is committed to donating $1 for every grocery delivery order to our community partner in the hunger-relief space.

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