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Free-Range Eggs From Morrissey Market - Morrissey Market-Food is Medicine Fulfillment

Free-Range Eggs From Morrissey Market

You may have noticed lots of news stories about eggs recently. Empty shelves, purchasing limits, and rising prices have become the norm. Scarcity due to the avian flu is impacting the availability of eggs across the country.

At Morrissey Market, we have decided to commit to farm fresh eggs from Maine Family Farms going forward. This allows us to bring you free-range eggs from local Maine farmers. These will be farm-fresh eggs with a rich yolk and full of flavor. The birds laying the eggs are fed non-GMO grains and enjoy outdoor space on land that is not treated with pesticides.

The Story of Avian Flu

The avian flu has impacted chicken and egg availability for the past year. There is a current outbreak in Colorado, affecting the West Coast flocks, and another in southern states. When birds decide winter is over in the Northeast, they may bring the avian flu back north.

We are keeping an eye on the situation and work to ensure we always have enough farm-fresh eggs for our customers. Purchasing local eggs is extremely important to us. Our local farmers rely on our support and we hope to help them weather this storm.

Free-Range Egg Labels

There are a lot of different labels for eggs. Our eggs from Maine Family Farms are cage-free, but so are all eggs in Massachusetts. As of January 1, 2022, all eggs sold in Massachusetts must be cage-free at a minimum. This means no crating or cages for the laying hens.

The eggs we sell for grocery delivery are also labeled as free-range, which means there are no cages for laying hens and they can go inside and outside to forage in the grass. These free-range chickens have warm spaces to shelter in during the Massachusetts winter, but still have access to the outdoors when the ground isn’t covered with snow or ice.

How To Use Your Eggs After Grocery Delivery

With our farm-fresh produce delivery, pair your eggs with our favorite frittata or omlette toppings. Try some scallions and goat cheese with slivered potatoes, roasted red peppers and sliced ham, or some baby spinach and feta.

Eggs are full of nutrients if you are following a vegetarian diet, and we know they make a satisfying meal anytime of day. Add them to your Morrissey Market grocery order this week. Check to see if we offer grocery delivery to your doorstep in Massachusetts here.