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Fall Harvest Salad Recipe - Morrissey Market-Food is Medicine Fulfillment

Fall Harvest Salad Recipe

Our Fall Harvest Salad is a celebration of the season’s abundance. As we return to gathering indoors with friends for dinner, this is a great salad to share with a group. It’s also simple and delicious as an easy family meal during the busy fall season. 

We opted for romaine in our salad, as it’s a mix of both crunchy and sweet. Plus everyone in the family tends to like it. You can also make this salad with fresh kale, leafy greens, or baby spinach.

The greens are paired with in-season pears and dried cranberries, offering a hint of sweetness that pleases a crowd. The bacon and feta balance out the sweetness with salty and creamy flavors. 

If you have them in your pantry, this salad is great with a handful of chopped pecans. Need to restock your pantry, head over here and add some pecans to your order along with the Fall Harvest Salad Box.

Ingredients & Directions

In a large bowl or platter, add the following:

This salad pairs well with a simple vinaigrette, just like we shared with our Grilled Peach & Arugula Salad. Mix it up for the fall season by using maple syrup as the sweetener, or try a tablespoon of applesauce in the dressing for a little more zip.

Looking for more protein to pair with the salad? We suggest the new Chicken and Apple Sausage from Pig Rock, or Chicken Thighs from Maine Family Farm.

Don’t need the whole box of ingredients? Add the missing ingredients to your next order easily with the Fall Harvest Salad collection.