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How Morrissey Market Keeps Prices Steady - Morrissey Market-Greater Boston Grocery Delivery

How Morrissey Market Keeps Prices Steady

In this new era of inflation, we wanted to explain how Morrissey Market has kept prices fairly consistent over the past year. With American families spending on average $296 more a month, managing your food and grocery budget has never been more important. At Morrissey Market, our goal is to offer competitive prices for the best quality groceries and produce. Food prices have always been dynamic, due to a number of factors. It’s getting more attention now with ongoing supply chain issues, pandemic related shut downs, and labor changes.

Keeping Prices Low & Quality High

In addition to always offering free delivery, we have been able to keep our pricing stable due to a few key factors.

Morrissey Market has less reliance on labor and fuel than our competitors. Our products arrive straight from the farms, boats, pastures, and producers. With less hands touching your groceries, we are able to pass along the savings to our customers and keep prices stable.

Our co-founder Torry Katsiroubas Stamm explained, “Morrissey Market has a lot more controlled variables. We offer produce with less packaging, which is one of the reasons why food prices have soared. It’s the cost of packing that is driving up the prices in many cases.”

Less travel for our grocery items also means lower fuel costs, which is another cost savings in a season with higher than average gas prices. We also have partners that offer a diverse product assortment, which reduces the number of trucks on the road. For example, our meat partner, Maine Family Farms, also sources our eggs, which helps keep costs down by reducing fuel costs associated with each delivery.

Managing Your Weekly Grocery Budget

Home delivery is what we specialize in, allowing us to avoid the increasing costs of a brick-and-mortar storefront. We share a labor force with Katsiroubas Produce Co., which allows us to minimize costs and leverage high tech systems for quality control and reduced food waste.

Here are a couple additional tips for managing your weekly grocery budget:

  1. Make one more vegetarian meal each month, with a focus on beans or cheese as your protein choice.
  2. Make coffee at home, saving up to $92/month. 
  3. Use produce at home that spoils faster, like fresh greens or tomatoes. Save cabbage and root vegetables to use last.

Shop with Morrissey Market today and get free delivery, with no minimums or fees, and enjoy the best produce delivery in the Greater Boston area.